Mastering the basics of Excel

June 26, 2018 /

Course Length: 2 Hours

What you will learn:

  1. The basics of Microsoft Excel
  2. How to create workbooks and worksheets
  3. How to implement different format types, numeric and text functions
  4. Built charts such as histograms

Excel has its share of both haters and fans. How people feel about it often depends on whether they enjoy working with data. Increasingly, though, offices across all disciplines rely on data and need team members to be capable of utilizing and manipulating it. So love working in Excel or hate it — this lesson is for everyone.

For staffers in Congressional offices, knowledge about Excel’s advanced features and capabilities such as automation, formulaic input, or data analysis is a requirement. The “Microsoft Excel 2013 Essentials” course introduces you to typical Excel use and shows how to get the most out of the tool’s features. Once you acquire a basic knowledge of the many capabilities of Excel, you are likely to work more effectively and efficiently with workbooks, worksheets, formats, numeric and text functions, and charts.

Congressional offices can’t afford to appoint staff that don’t know how to create a basic spreadsheet; we recommend that junior staffers and interns (e.g. any personnel entering entry-level positions) complete this training module.

Click here to access the “Microsoft Excel 2013 Essentials” course on Microsoft Virtual Academy.

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