How to be CRM savvy

June 26, 2018 / Alex Kouts

Legislative correspondents undertake some of the most challenging and too-often thankless work in a Congressional office: interacting and responding to the many concerns of constituents.

Congressional offices do their best to accommodate the high volume of work by deploying specialized CRM software into their workflow, but sometimes implementation isn’t what it could be.

That’s why our video training, hosted by Alex Kouts, focuses on how to improve the way you use a CRM for a more efficient office.

Key Insights

Check your data – then check it again

Data entry can be tedious and is often tasked to those newest to professional work: interns. Though an extra set of hands is helpful, the risks of wrong and duplicative data are very real.

To combat this, offices need to stress to interns that their jobs are challenging. Creating a quality assurance system, so another staffer also has eyes on your data before it’s input into a CRM is critical.

With quality data, your CRM becomes much more reliable.

Know what a CRM is and isn’t

While CRM’s can enhance your constituent engagements, connecting additional productivity tools can take your office even further. For example, you can use Zapier or to connect your CRM with project management services (i.e., Asana or Trello), keeping upcoming outreach tasks on a virtual pinboard for improved collaboration.

Make sure your vendor is there as a resource

Too often, offices aren’t well-informed on how to best use CRM’s. This leads to costly workarounds that could have negative impacts in the long run.

So before making purchasing decisions, offices should make sure vendors are available as an onboarding and support resource. Some vendors provide regular weekly training so even the newest member of your office can become a CRM expert.