Congressional Tech: Closing the knowledge gap

April 23, 2:00 PM
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Lincoln’s latest effort, HillSDK, is designed to promote the tech savvy and efficiency of Congressional staffers. While Congressional work attracts motivated and intelligent staffers, the system designed to support them can be inefficient and may lead to technological knowledge gaps when compared to the private sector workforce. During this webinar, we’ll discuss our efforts to create a new support system for staffers, helping them better serve constituents and gain valuable career skills.

We will overview:

  1. Why a knowledge gap exists on Capitol Hill
  2. What tools are available… And why you haven’t heard of them
  3. What HillSDK is doing to bridge the divide, including: app and service reviews, in-person trainings, online content

Your Hosts

Garrett Johnson

Cofounder of Lincoln Network

Previously co-founded SendHub [acq. Cameo Global], a Y Combinator backed startup launched in 2011. Before moving to Silicon Valley, Garrett served as professional staff to the Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where his oversight portfolio included immigration policy as well as development policy in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Haiti. He read for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford, England as a Rhodes Scholar and graduated in 2005 from Florida State University, where he was also a two-time NCAA champion.

Alex Kouts

Head of Product at Lincoln Network

Alex is a bay area entrepreneur obsessed with furthering American democracy. He’s spent his career building and scaling startups as a founder, head of product/marketing, and a UX designer. He’s built and launched companies focused on civic engagement, campaign tech, media, digital philanthropy, crowdfunding, and gaming. Alex has advised numerous large companies such as Disney, ESPN, ABC, Lloyds Bank of London, as well as mid sized companies, startups, and advocacy orgs. Alex has trained over 35 members of Congress and their staffs on digital strategy, messaging and process optimization; he has also taught these topics at Wharton School of Business, Pepperdine University, the General Assembly, and many others.
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