Connecting Congressional Offices with 
Modern Technology

Introducing HillSDK – Tools and Training for Congressional Staff

Welcome to HillSDK!

Due to the complex challenges of working in Congress, Capitol Hill staffers have a unique need for innovative tools and processes to help them do their jobs more effectively. HillSDK is an educational initiative highlighting opportunities to make the people working in Congress more efficient and tech-savvy.

Our mission is to ensure that the hardworking staffers in Congress can access and learn about the tools, skills, and processes to better serve constituents. HillSDK’s curriculum consists of in-person trainings and online content developed by our research, design, and instructional experts.

HillSDK is administered by Lincoln Network, a 501(c)(3) working to bridge the gap between the worlds of technology and policy. Lincoln Network’s mission is to leverage the tech community’s capabilities in support of democracy and sound public policy. HillSDK will further utilize this expertise to increase Congress’ tech acumen.


Individuals And Interactions

Know your toolkit

While the private sector has a plethora of apps, tools, and services readily available to them, the same can’t be said of Congress. The roadblock is well-intentioned: a robust need for security and efficiency in government. But today, the same processes intended to safeguard government are slowing it down. To help remove this barrier, we review the best tools that are available to staffers, and educate on transferable private sector best practices.
Individuals And Interactions

Creating a dialogue

We connect Congressional staffers with the problem-solving expertise of Lincoln Network, a web of tech experts looking to enable government to work more efficiently. Congress has unique and sensitive organizational needs, which we address via in-person events and online trainings. Lincoln also helps tech companies navigate the process of getting their tools and services approved for government use.

Meet the team

Garrett Johnson

Previously he co-founded SendHub [acq. Cameo Global], a Y Combinator backed startup launched in 2011. Before moving to Silicon Valley, Garrett served as professional staff to the Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He read for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford, England as a Rhodes Scholar.

Aaron Ginn

Aaron is a content and technology product manager who has extensive startup experience, having worked at Simplee, StumbleUpon, and Everlane. In 2015, he was included in the top 40 under 40 digital marketers in America and was named a rising star in the political world by the San Francisco Chronicle. In 2017, he was selected by Forbes as a top “30 under 30” in law and policy.